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Teeth Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

Why is it important to get our teeth cleaned?

In order to have healthy teeth, you should get your teeth cleaned by the Summit Dental Group every 6 months or what is your recommended by your dental professional. Teeth cleanings are an essential part of keeping your mouth and your body whole healthy.
Teeth cleanings don't only prevent tooth loss but also helps to prevent diseases in the rest of the body like:
  • Heart disease
  • Dementia
  • High blood pressure
  • Complications of diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Cancers


Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. They are designed to fill the base of pits and grooves of the back teeth to protect them from cavaties.

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Fluoride Varnish Treatment

Fluoride varnish is a thin layer of fluoride that sticks to your teeth. Fluoride varnish will help stengthen teeth and assists in protecting teeth from cavities.

Saliva Testing

A swish test used to detect bacteria that can increase your risk of periodontal disease which can be linked to heart disease, diabetes and several other diseases that can affect your health.


Oral Cancer Screening

The Identafi® is used to detect abnormal spots in the soft tissues of the mouth. The Dentist will also perform and exam to check the head and neck for any abnormal lumps or bumps.

Periodontal Screenings

Your dental Hygienest will use a measuring probe to check the overall health of your gum tissue and bone that hold your teeth in place.


Custom Made Athletic Mouth Guards

If you or someone you know is very athletic and plays sports, you may want to invest in a custom mouth guard to protect your beautiful smile! Custom made mouth guards are designed and individually made to fit your teeth perfectly. A custom mouth guard has been proven to reduce concussions for sports players which can relieve stress from the parents. We recommend that a mouth guard should be worn with all athletics.

Studies have also proven running with a mouth guard will help to cushion your teeth and in turn help with breathing.

Benefits of a custom mouth guard

  • Comfortable
  • Resist tears
  • Durable
  • Protect teeth from impact damages
  • Easy to clean
  • Should not affect your breathing or speech
  • Helps reduce concussions

How do you make a custom mouth guard?

  • We will make an impression of your teeth.
  • A mouth guard is molded over the model using a special material.
Custom made mouth guards can be a little more expensive than the premade mouth guards out there but they also are generally more comfortable and offer better protection.